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Advance Warrior ST & AXP Autoscrubbers
The Advance Warrior walk-behind autoscrubber is available with 28" or 32" tool-free interchangeable disc and cylindrical scrub decks. The Warrior scrubber has the flexibility to scrub on multiple surfaces in one pass.
Advance Adfinity X20R REV
In a single pass, the Random Orbital Scrubbing technology of the Advance Adfinity X20R REV scrubs deeper and with more uniformity, leaving floors with a perfectly scrubbed surface and no swirl marks.
Advance Adfinity 20D, X20D, X20C or X24D Autoscrubbers
The new line of Adfinity traction-drive scrubbers offers multiple versions to choose from for the scrubber size and performance you need. Scrubbing paths ranging from 20" to 24".
Factory Cat Magnum 28 ORBITZ
Our larger walk behind chassis when equipped with the 28" Edge head, is capable of daily scrubbing with only 30% of the water usage of old fashioned disk scrubbers.
Factory Cat GTX 27C Rider Scrubber
The multiple "Disk" scrub decks sizes offer gimbaled brush drive and 50% more scrubbing power than competitive brands.
Factory Cat XR Rider Scrubber
The XR battery scrubber is an industrial scrubber, designed for use in warehouse or metal fabrication facilities.
Advance Advenger & Advenger AXP with Evergreen Autoscrubbers
The Advance Advenger has the Evergreen control system - a green, ultralow detergent mode that is ideal for normal cleaning and can be adjusted for more aggressive cleaning on dirtier floors
Advance SC351 Scrubber Dryer
The SC350 is the first compact scrubber dryer able to clean in all directions. In fact the new deck concept enables the SC350 to scrub and dry in both directions - forward or backwards, and water is kept inside the brush deck while working
Advance Micromatic M17E & M17B
The Micromatic M17 is compact, durable and best of all an affordable way to bridge the gap between a mop and a bucket and larger automatic scrubbers. It is easy to use and maneuver with little to no training.